The Importance Of Adapting To Change, And How!

Adapting to Change

Change can come into our lives through crisis or choice. Currently, lots of us are going through change due to coronavirus and the lockdown. Whether our businesses are still running through the lockdown or not, the change is definitely there.

In all situations we have a choice to make – do we change to make things better, or do we bury our heads in the sand in the hope it will all go away?

It is always a good idea to accept the change and adapt accordingly. When you are unprepared and resistant to change, this can leave you feeling you have no control. By making the decision to accept the change you are in control. You can choose how things will work and how you will feel about the change.

Five Strategies for Adapting To Change

  1. Your Mindset

Many of us love living in our comfort zones. However, change takes us out of this comfort zone and can make us feel uneasy. This is why so many people avoid change. We like what we know and we resist the unknown. It is essential that you try and avoid these self-limiting beliefs that you cannot adapt to change. It is your own power of choice that will enable you to activate the positive changes in your life that you want to see. We can’t control the events that change our lives, but we can control how we react to these changes.

  1. Find Meaning

Think about what is important in your life. What is it that gives you purpose and what sets you off in the right direction? When you have clarity, focus, and meaning for what you want to achieve you will find that adapting to change is easier. Never forget your meaning when adapting to change and you will not drift back into your comfort zone where you’ll never find out what new opportunities change can offer you.

  1. Release The Regrets

Don’t look back at the things you can no longer have. Instead look forward to the things you want from your present and future life. You can’t change what you have done, but you can control what you do going forward. It’s okay to look back on things you have done, but don’t dwell on them as they cannot be changed. Think how you will do better going forward. Keep in mind the person you want to be and how your future life will look.

  1. Lists, Lists, Lists

It is okay to admit that change is scary and therefore it can be hard to adapt to change. You need to take the time to get your subconscious used to the idea of change and how you will move forward and adapt to the changes. A great way of doing this is through lists. Make a list of all the things you need to do to adapt to change, no matter how scary you find them. Then tick them off as you go. Seeing that you have overcome so many small changes that scared you, will make the bigger changes easier.

  1. Be Healthy In Body And Mind

Through living a healthy and balanced life, both in body and mind, you will build a resilience which will improve your ability to successfully manage the disruption that change can have on your life. Stress is a completely normal reaction to change for many people, but by living a balanced and healthy life, the stress is naturally reduced. You have techniques in place that help you better manage stress. This could be a walk in the park, an afternoon in a coffee shop or a catch up with friends.

Change is a part of everyone’s lives and we have no control over these changes. However, we do have control over how we adapt to change.

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