Setchfield VA Services Pricing Plans

Setchfield VA Services Pricing Plans


£28 an hour. 

This is the perfect option if you need my support on an ad-hoc basis. 


If you know that you will be needing assistance for a number of hours per month or there is a chance that your will need to be completed within 2 working days then a retainer package will provide you with the best support. 

You can retain by time from one hour per month for as little as £28 an hour. 

Virtually Organised

Power Hours £60

What is a power hour?

A power hour is a complete hour with me via zoom to get you organised. We are able to share screens so that I can provide you with targeted support.

My Virtually Organised Power Hour has been designed for those people who don’t quite need the support of a VA just yet.

I can help you organise a specific project or folder, or help you find a process that will help you stay more organised going forward.

It can be used as a one-off or it could be used to help you decide whether you need the ongoing support that a VA can offer and whether we are the right fit for each other if you decide that ongoing support is what you need.

What do you get?

I can help you with:

  • File and folder organisation
  • Inbox management and organisation
  • How and what you can outsource to a VA

Following the power hour, you will come away more focused, organised and less overwhelmed. You will have a clear direction and a process in place that you can continue to use.

Once booked you will automatically receive a calendar invite with a zoom link where our power hour will take place. An invoice will also be emailed to you with instructions on how to make payment.

At Setchfield VA Services, I Combine Exceptional Quality with a Flexible Service and Affordability

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