Consequences of micromanaging your Virtual Assistant

Consequences of micromanaging your Virtual Assistant

Please don’t micromanage your Virtual Assistant!

So, you’ve made the decision to outsource a part of your precious business. It’s a smart move – though a scary one. Your new Virtual Assistant is now taking care of all those mind-numbingly tedious tasks that you’ve been dreaming of outsourcing for months now.

So why are you feeling uncomfortable?

Is it the thought of no longer being in total control? The idea of having somebody else involved in the business you’ve built up from scratch? Or maybe it’s the fact that you are having to trust another person to be responsible for certain aspects of your professional – and sometimes personal – life.

Trust your Virtual Assistant – after all, it’s their job

While it’s completely natural to feel daunted at the thought of handing over the reins of your livelihood to somebody you’ve possibly never met in the flesh, it’s important to remember that this is their specialty – their trade.

Being a little nervous at the start of your working relationship with your new VA is fine and normal – but you should ensure you don’t cross into micromanaging territory, i.e. trying to take control over every single aspect of your VA’s work.

The best way to avoid micromanaging right from the start is to establish a level of trust

Have confidence in your VA – after all, it’s their job to take on your admin tasks and let you get on with the money-making activities in your business. Believe that your VA is going to deliver when they say they will. Much like the day-to-day relationships in your personal life, there’s no need to distrust anybody until they give you a reason to.

Your VA has their own business to run; surely they wouldn’t be in business at all if they were no good at what they do. It makes sense, right?

Allow enough time for a task to be completed, and ensure you inform them if you have a deadline to meet. Do not repeatedly follow up with your VA after you have asked them to do something for you. They have other clients to serve as well and will be managing their time and prioritising efficiently. Promise!

You are paying your Virtual Assistant to save you time – so don’t waste it!

When you hired your VA, you did so because you needed to save time.

If you spend the time you’ve gained by checking up on them or even sitting at your desk worrying about whether they are going to complete a piece of work by a deadline you’ve set, it’s just a further waste of your time – that you are now paying for.

When you first start working with your VA, it may be a good idea to schedule a couple of check-ins during the first few tasks or projects you delegate to them. For example, if you pass over a task that is going to take them five hours, ask them to send you an update when they are halfway through. This way, you are being kept in the loop, and they will have an opportunity to let you know if any issues have arisen – and it saves you the worry of having to chase them.

You need to let go

It’s hard – but you need to do it!

Let go, and have trust in your Virtual Assistant until they give you a reason not to. They are a professional, highly skilled master of all things admin, often with years (if not decades) of experience behind them.

Over time, it will get much easier to delegate – but only if you are willing to make the effort and try to let go early on.

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