8 Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

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Are you overwhelmed with your ever-increasing workload? Finding it hard to manage your time but can’t afford a full-time P.A? If you’re worried you’re on the way to burnout, don’t fret help is at hand!

A Virtual Assistant can help you more than you think at a fraction of the cost. Covering everything from, organising the heap of unread & important e-mails, to managing credit control; we can do it for you. The best part is you won’t have to leave your business or spend time in lengthy and in-person meetings.

Here are 8 ways a Virtual Assistant can save your sanity, organise your life and help you achieve business success:

1. Save You Money £££

With a Virtual Assistant, you only pay us for what we do for you. This means no recruitment costs or forking out for employee-related benefits, no PAYE, no holiday pay, pensions to deal with or any other added extras that a full-time staff member incurs.

At Setchfield VA Services, I offer really affordable pricing plans too, designed to suit different levels of needs and requirements for your business.

2. Save You Time

Some tasks are perhaps a higher priority in your business than others. However,  if things are not kept on top of; the smooth running of your business can break down and essentially affect your bottom line.

I can do the tasks you don’t want to do or struggle to find time for. This means you can put your full focus on the tasks that are important to you and your business.

With a Virtual Assistant, you don’t have to book out time in your day to have a physical meeting or spend precious hours organising the workload. I can take the pressure and the stress away by communicating in the best way that suits you whether that’s via e-mail or over the phone.

3. Help Improve Your Productivity

Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes can help you in realising where you are stuck in your business. Helping is what I do best, and if I can see any processes that could be made easier, quicker and more efficient for you, I can make it happen.

The more efficient and up to date all of your processes and administration tasks are, the more productive you can be in other areas of your business.

4. Enables Faster Business Growth

The services I provide can help you make time to grow your business. An extra pair of helping hands to alleviate backlogs and time means your business has more time, space and a better opportunity to scale up. The more tasks you delegate to me the more time you will have free to implement effective growth strategies.

5. Confidentiality Rules

Confidentiality is an integral part of our business and that is why I provide non-disclosure agreements to all clients who work with me here at Setchfield VA Services.

I am extra cautious when it comes to data issues and work hard to maintain client data and confidentiality so you can feel at ease leaving your sensitive data in my safe hands.

6. Ensures Reliability

You can put your trust in me knowing I will try my hardest to complete all workloads in an allowed time frame. I will make time to get to know the processes of your business and exactly what services you will benefit from so you don’t have to worry about me getting it wrong when it comes to the ad hoc.

7. Flexibility

I know that business can fluctuate so I offer packages and services that can be tailored and flexible to suit you, just click here to contact Setchfield VA services directly to discuss further.

I always work around you. Pricing plans start from £245 for 10hours a month all the way up to 60hours a month. You can always add extra hours on top if you need to.

8. Diverse Skillset

Did you know Virtual Assistants offer a wider range of services than you first might think?

I specialise in Business admin within my range of services, but I can also help you with your personal life too. I can help even the most unorganised bosses get organised and enjoy the time I manage to free up for them.

My home life planner and organising service can help with tasks from insurance renewals to holiday planning.

Click here to find out more information on the range of services and how I can help you including General admin, executive business support, onset minute taking, credit control, digital re-organisation, travel arrangements, research, and audio transcription.

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