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Are your electronic files all over the place? Disorganised filing systems, duplicate folders and items not where they are supposed to be – Setchfield VA Services can help you get organised. 

Time to call in the Expert. Start a new way of working today

De cluttering of your house or office may be something that you are familiar with but not many people stop to think about de cluttering of their computer files. It is a well known fact that computers slow down with age (just like us) and files get forgotten about. 

Is your email account out of control? Do you struggle to keep on top of your emails or can’t locate the important ones amongst the general ones? Setchfield VA Services can set up filters, sub-folders and rules within your email client to organise your mail as it arrives, resulting in a manageable inbox.  I can unsubscribe you from unwanted mail, re-organise your contact and even clear out old email folders, saving what you need to keep into your document filing system. 

The Cloud

The cloud provides secure storage which is accessible from anywhere that has an internet location and is guaranteed to take away the fear of losing everything you’ve saved. 

With the cloud you never need to worry about transferring files from one computer to the next as everything is there for you to access straight away. 

Contact Setchfield VA Services today to see how I can give you back time.

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